Platforms supported

Release Notes

  • Added support for AM571x
  • AM57x: Add DSP performance monitoring support for OpenCL applications

Defect Fixes

  • [MCT-566] - C66 intrinsics not available in OpenCL C
  • [MCT-571] - dsptop does not work on AM57 with DSP suspend/resume enabled
  • [MCT-536] - clocl creates .dsp_h file even if link to build .out file fails
  • [MCT-516] - OpenCL-RTOS: Exit ARM and DSP programs on completion
  • [MCT-572] - Defect in OpenCL CMEM error message regarding number of CMEM blocks required
  • [MCT-575] - OpenCL-RTOS: clocl shipped with RTOS does not find the correct version of libstdc++.so.6
  • [MCT-593] - MessageQ error results in debugss error messages on subsequent run
  • [MCT-594] - OpenCL matmpy intermittent DSP1 crash due to EdmaMgr issues w/ suspend/resume
  • [MCT-597] - Race condition in OpenCL cleanup code.

Compiler Versions

This release requires the following compiler versions:

Compiler Version
ARM GCC 5.3.1 (arm-linux-gnueabi)
ARM GCC 4.9.3 (arm-none-eabi, for OpenCL over TI-RTOS)
C6000 8.1.0