The OpenMP Runtime 2.2 implements support for the OpenMP 3.0 API specification. OpenMP is the de facto industry standard for shared memory parallel programming. It enables incremental parallelization of existing code bases and is portable across shared memory architectures. More information on the OpenMP API (including the API specification) is available at

The two main components of an OpenMP implementation are a compiler and a corresponding runtime. This User’s Guide describes the OpenMP Runtime 2.2 for KeyStone, KeyStone II and Sitara processors. The runtime is based on the GCC OpenMP runtime (libgomp) and takes advantage of hardware features available on KeyStone SoCs to implement OpenMP constructs with low overheads (e.g. Hardware Queues, Semaphores).

Devices Supported

SoC System Installation Instructions
TMS320C667x TMS320C6678 EVM Processor SDK RTOS for C667x
TMS320C665x TMS320C6657 EVM Processor SDK RTOS for C665x
AM572 AM572 EVM Processor SDK for AM57x
66AK2H 66AK2H EVM Processor SDK for K2H
66AK2H HP m800 Moonshot MCSDK-HPC for m800
66AK2L 66AK2L EVM Processor SDK for K2L
66AK2E 66AK2E EVM Processor SDK for K2E
66AK2G 66AK2G EVM Processor SDK for K2G


  • The OpenMP runtime libraries are available in little-endian mode only.
  • The OpenMP compiler only supports compiling C programs annotated with OpenMP pragmas. C++ programs are not supported.