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MessageQ_Params Struct Reference

Structure defining parameters for MessageQ_create(). More...

#include <MessageQ.h>

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Data Fields

Void * synchronizer
MessageQ_QueueIndex queueIndex

Detailed Description

Structure defining parameters for MessageQ_create().

Field Documentation

Void* MessageQ_Params::synchronizer

INTERNAL Synchronizer instance used to signal IO completion

The synchronizer is used in MessageQ_put() and MessageQ_get(). The synchronizer signal is called as part of MessageQ_put(). The synchronizer waits in MessageQ_get() if there are no messages present.

MessageQ_QueueIndex MessageQ_Params::queueIndex

Value used to specify the index in the MessageQ array

This parameter allows an application to specify a queueIndex to be used for a message queue. To use this functionality, the MessageQ.numReservedEntries static configuration parameter must be set to one more than the highest requested queueIndex. The MessageQ.numReservedEntries parameter reserves that number of message queue slots starting at 0 and proceeding to (MessageQ.numReservedEntries - 1).

The default is MessageQ_ANY, which means it is not taken from the reserved slots.

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