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 RcmClient.hRemote Command Message Client Module. An RcmClient is used for sending messages to an RcmServer for processing
 RcmServer.hRemote Command Message Server Module. An RcmServer processes inbound messages received from an RcmClient
 RcmTypes.hRemote Command Message Types
 IpcMgr.hIpc Manager
 MmRpc.hMulti-Media derived Remote Procedure Call
 MmServiceMgr.hMulti-Media Service Manager
 MmType.hSpecific types to support the MmRpc and MmServiceMgr modules
 Mx.hExample of a host-side module which uses MmRpc to invoke functions on a remote processor
 MxServer.hExample of a slave-side module which implements the Mx module functions. The functions in MxServer are invoked remotely by the Mx module running on the host processor
 GateMP.hMultiple processor gate that provides local and remote context protection
 HeapBufMP.hMulti-processor fixed-size buffer heap implementation
 HeapMemMP.hMulti-processor variable size buffer heap implementation
 HeapMultiBufMP.hMultiple fixed size buffer heap implementation
 Ipc.hIpc Manager
 ListMP.hMultiple processor shared memory list
 MessageQ.hMessageQ Manager
 MultiProc.hProcessor ID Manager
 NameServer.hNameServer Manager
 Notify.hNotification manager for IPC
 SharedRegion.hShared memory manager and address translator
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