Data Fields
Ipc_TransportFactoryFxns Struct Reference

Factory virtual function table. More...

#include <Ipc.h>

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Data Fields

Int(* createFxn )(Void)
Void(* deleteFxn )(Void)
Int(* attachFxn )(UInt16 procId)
Int(* detachFxn )(UInt16 procId)

Detailed Description

Factory virtual function table.

This virtual function table defines the interface which must be implemented by the transport factory. The Ipc module will use this factory to create and delete this transport. The factory is responsible for managing the details of creation and deletion.

Field Documentation

Int(* Ipc_TransportFactoryFxns::createFxn) (Void)

factory create method

Void(* Ipc_TransportFactoryFxns::deleteFxn) (Void)

factory finalize method

Int(* Ipc_TransportFactoryFxns::attachFxn) (UInt16 procId)

attach transport to processor

Int(* Ipc_TransportFactoryFxns::detachFxn) (UInt16 procId)

detach transport from processor

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