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TI-RTOS TivaC Release Notes

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TI-RTOS delivers components that enable engineers to develop applications on Texas Instruments micro-controller devices. The product is comprised of multiple software components and examples of how to use these components together. TI-RTOS gives developers a one-stop RTOS solution for developing applications for TI embedded microcontrollers. It provides an OS kernel, communications support, drivers, and more. It is tightly integrated with the Code Composer Studio development environment. In addition, examples are provided to demonstrate the use of each functional area and each supported device and as a starting point for your own projects.


The following documentation is available:

Products Included

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Boards Supported

Examples are provided for the following boards:

What’s New

To see what has changed in the TI-RTOS Drivers, see the separate TI-Drivers release notes in [as installed]/products/tidrivers_M_mm_pp_bb.

Defects fixed in this release:

Key Summary
TIRTOS-401 Add NS product to CC32xx SDK
TIRTOS-400 update msp432 driverlib to (with CMSIS changes)
TIRTOS-398 The pin examples do not build for CC2650DK_4XS board
TIRTOS-392 pinShutdown missing for CC13xx/CC26xx launchpad/stk boards
TIRTOS-391 add ‘–advice:power_severity=suppress’ to MSP430 example options
TIRTOS-388 Readme for spiloopback is incorrect for TM4C129EXL
TIRTOS-386 Reduce BIOS.heapSize to 1024 in the lprf_srf06/empty.cfg & configTemplates/CC2650Common.cfg
TIRTOS-383 The simplelink.h file is broken for C++ compiles
TIRTOS-375 Provide full release that includes everything in one installation
TIRTOS-373 Comments about Error.raiseHook in .cfg file are misleading
TIRTOS-372 Update CC13xx/CC26XX GSG to document new boards supported
TIRTOS-371 Replace MSPWare with separate driverlib, grlib, usblib products
TIRTOS-369 CC3X00 example compiler dirs need to be updated to facilitate application includes
TIRTOS-361 Broken link in the full release notes (used for the web docs)
TIRTOS-358 Remove Network Services documentation from TI-RTOS UG
TIRTOS-357 Documentation Overview needs docs/ prefix for the CCS Cloud outline view
TIRTOS-356 Update needed to TIRTOS GSG to switch MSP430FR5969 buttons
TIRTOS-355 Board.c files should be RTOS independent
TIRTOS-353 Add Wake-On-Radio (WoR) example
TIRTOS-352 Bigtime example should terminate and provide consistent output for testing
TIRTOS-350 TI-RTOS needs a better way to build MSP430 drivers with EUSCI
TIRTOS-348 C28x Concerto kernel examples should set Program.stack
TIRTOS-347 CC32xx wifi and Watchdog examples should use different button debounce logic
TIRTOS-346 Add a few more .cfg settings to CC13xx/CC26xx .cfg files
TIRTOS-343 Change MSP432 power policy function names
TIRTOS-325 TI-RTOS HTTP(S) examples should use a stable server
TIRTOS-324 HTTPsgetCC3100 example fails with 404 error
TIRTOS-320 HTTPsget and tcpEchoTLS examples do not run in IAR
TIRTOS-314 Linker files in examples have unused settings and incorrect BSD license
TIRTOS-311 Add TI-RTOS support for the CC1310 LaunchPad
TIRTOS-308 Concerto OOB examples do not build
TIRTOS-298 Fix the HTTP GET examples in TI-RTOS
TIRTOS-188 Add TI-RTOS support for the CC1350 SensorTag
TIRTOS-187 Add TI-RTOS support for the CC1350 LaunchPad
TIRTOS-186 Make nsdev (TI-RTOS Network Services) into a separate product
TIRTOS-173 Kernel and UIA examples do not follow the TI-RTOS examples standards
TIRTOS-169 HTTPS GET example fails at run time (runs out of heap) when linked with WolfSSL hardware accelerator library
TIRTOS-150 Validate CC3200 examples .pinmux files with new PinMux tool
TIRTOS-112 Add TI-RTOS support for the CC2650 LaunchPad
TIRTOS-98 HTTPS example fails because of wrong root CA certificate
TIRTOS-84 WolfSSL should be its own product, and be built separate from TI RTOS
TIRTOS-70 Release notes update needed for C2000 Compiler update to 6.4.4

Upgrade and Compatibility Information

The following is a summary of known compatibility issues from previous releases:

Host Support


This release requires the following other software components and tools.

Validation Information

Known Issues


All releases have 4 digits (M.mm.pp.bb). This includes GA and engineering releases. Engineering releases are denoted with an _eng suffix (e.g.,

This product’s version follows a version format, M.mm.pp.bb, where M is a single digit Major number, mm is 2 digit minor number, pp is a 2 digit patch number, and b is an unrestricted set of digits used as an incrementing build counter.

To support multiple side-by-side installations of the product, the product version is encoded in the top level directory (e.g. tirtos_2_00_00_16).

Subsequent releases of patch upgrades will be identified by the patch number, ex. TI-RTOS with directory tirtos_1_00_01_68. Typically, these patches only include critical bug fixes.

Technical Support and Product Updates